About Our Firm

At Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, we devote our practice to helping others assert their rights. As some of the most aggressive litigators in Arkansas and Tennessee, our team of trial lawyers will forcefully protect your interests in a variety of civil and criminal matters in state and federal courts throughout the region.

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A Team With A Diverse Skill Set

The attorneys at Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, have an impressive and diverse set of skills. Our attorneys have real world experience in setting up and owning businesses. One of our attorneys was a former police officer. Another one of our attorneys was a JAG officer in the U.S. Air Force, and still another was a former prosecuting attorney.

Together, we combine decades and decades of collective legal experience and knowledge to determine the best approach for your case, whether it deals with criminal defense, family law, real civil rights litigation or almost any type of legal matter.

We utilize our skills, build trusting relationships and apply our knowledge in order to achieve the best outcome for you. We don't believe in fighting for the sake of fighting, but instead prefer to steer our clients toward a realistic framework to achieve ideal results.

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To meet with our results-oriented lawyers and learn how they will fight for you with passion, we invite you to contact Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, today. You can schedule a free consultation at either of our office locations (Covington, Tennessee, and Benton, Arkansas) via email or by calling 901-410-0689.