Proven Criminal Defense Lawyers Standing Up For You

The costs for an arrest and conviction are extremely high. Without experienced legal representation in your corner, you could do irreparable harm to your record and reputation.

Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, handles a wide variety of criminal charges for clients throughout West Tennessee and Arkansas. We make ourselves available for everyone we represent from the moment you first come to our office until complete and final resolution of your matter. This includes providing criminal law representation during appeal and working toward expungement of your arrest to clear your name.

Our law firm routinely handles felony and misdemeanor cases in state and federal courts, including:

We Will Protect Your Rights

An arrest does not mean that you lose your protections under the Constitution. You have a right to privacy and to have legal representation on your side to challenge any evidence or testimony brought against you. Remember to exercise your right to remain silent.

Our lawyers get results because they believe that the best defense is to put you on offense. That means we will be ready to fight for you from day one, investigating your case and securing our own evidence that we can use to gain leverage. This could be used to get a charge dismissal or reduction, a more favorable plea or to stand up for you at trial, where we have a track record of success. In any case, we will work tirelessly for the best result, and we will not push you into accepting a plea that isn't in your best interest.

Let Us Fight For You

To contact Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, call us at 901-410-0689 to schedule a free consultation. With offices in Benton, Arkansas, and and Covington, Tennessee, our lawyers are able to travel throughout the region to serve our clients.