There For You When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

The consequences of a domestic violence arrest can be extremely severe. Besides criminal penalties such as fines and jail time, a charge can negatively impact your personal and professional reputation. Because of this, you will want on your side attorneys who will take immediate action and who can quickly put an end to your circumstances.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, know what actions to take to reduce or eliminate the penalties you face, whether you are in Tennessee or Arkansas. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to take the necessary steps to resolve your matter favorably.

What Constitutes Domestic Violence?

No two circumstances involving domestic violence charges are the same. Domestic violence charges involve physical and emotional confrontations taking place between household members. While most such charges involve physical harm, you may face domestic violence charges for allegedly placing another family member in fear of physical harm.

Accusations of intimidation without bodily harm could result in serious consequences as well. Such charges could result in you failing a background check when applying for a particular position or when applying for a license. It can prevent you from possessing or purchasing firearms. And the mere allegation of domestic violence could result in arrest and the inability to have contact with other family members due to restraining orders.

Because courts can interpret domestic violence broadly, defending against such charges can be complex. We understand what strategy to take in domestic cases and what defenses to raise. Our domestic violence attorneys will also provide guidance on what actions to take going further to prevent domestic charges from escalating.

Fighting Domestic Violence Charges

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