Careful Handling Of Sex Crime Charges

The stakes are extremely high when you face sex crime charges. Criminal penalties include imprisonment, long-term probation and sex offender registration. The personal consequences include the tarnishing of your personal and professional reputation. You may be unable to work in certain positions, live where you want to live and even have contact with family members.

Because of this, you require the best possible criminal defense representation. At Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, we have extensive experience defending individuals in state and federal courts. This includes providing aggressive advocacy to those charged with rape, sexual assault, pornography and domestic violence charges. We will vigorously defend you in negotiation and in court.

Sex Crime Convictions Involving Minors

We are seeing more prosecution of sex crime charges involving minors. Many such cases involve authority figures such as teachers or members of the clergy. In any event, such a charge could result in lifetime consequences.

Sex crime charges can involve extremely serious penalties. If charged with a sex crime involving a minor, enhanced penalties are likely. You could face charges in either federal or state court. When held in federal court, you will likely face an even tougher case and stricter penalties.

It is possible to have a sex crime conviction follow you for the rest of your life. For this reason, it is important to have strong legal representation on your side. At Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, we have access to experts and investigators who can find out exactly what happened. These professionals can testify on your behalf at trial when necessary.

False Allegations Of Sex Crimes

While sex crimes happen, false allegations of such unlawful conduct occur as well. Despite such fabrications, federal prosecutors will likely vigorously pursue criminal charges.

Still, for a conviction to occur, federal prosecutors must show beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime actually occurred. Our attorneys hold prosecutors to that standard. We have the resources to investigate your circumstances. At trial, our lawyers know how to cross-examine witnesses and get to the truth. With a reputation for success, we do everything we can to gain an acquittal for you.

A Powerful Defense When It Is Most Required

Felony sex crime cases are complicated and emotional, and the process can be difficult for everyone involved. To speak with an attorney and find out all of your options, please contact Huffman Butler & Mason, PLLC, at 901-410-0689. We have offices in Covington, Tennessee, and Benton, Arkansas.