Military DUI

Military members protect us and because of that, they are held in the highest regard. Because of that, a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine charged with a crime face stricter scrutiny. A military member charged with DUI/DWI faces many more consequences than a civilian. As a JAG officer, I have seen firsthand what being charged with DUI will do to a military member's career. The armed forces jealously guard their credibility, and when a member is charged (much less convicted) with a crime, service discrediting acts are frowned upon.

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) is the law applicable to military members. You can be charged even when the civilian courts charged you at the same time. Double jeopardy does not apply. Most times, the armed service will defer to the civilian authorities to prosecute the crime. However, this does not mean you are "off the hook" with your service.

You can face nonjudicial punishment, such as an Article 15 or Captain's Mast. You can further face administrative action in your personnel record such as a Letter of Reprimand or Letter of Counseling. Finally, if you are enlisted, you can be barred from reenlisting.

The point is, being charged with DUI/DWI while you are in the military can lead to severe consequences to your military career. Contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible to begin assisting with your civilian court case as well as your military case.