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Huffman Law Firm, PLLC Blog

I have the POWER (of attorney)!


Powers of Attorney are at the same time some of the simplest documents in the legal field to execute and carry the most power. When someone signs a Power of Attorney, they are giving someone else the power to step into their shoes and perform legal acts on their behalf. It is not something to be performed lightly or on a whim.

First, lets set out a few definitions to make this a little easier to follow:

Pokémon Wait!


A new app is blowing up the internet. If you haven't heard about it, you will. The popular Pokémon card game and television show has morphed into a cell phone game where players can walk around and "capture" Pokémon- small digital creatures that live in poke balls. Different Pokémon are found in different places and certain buildings and landmarks serve other purposes in the game like restocking points and "gyms" where players can battle their Pokémon against each other. Not wanting to write in ignorance, I downloaded the game to test it out and also talked to several players. I started by capturing my first Pokémon, which happened to be sitting on my desk. I opened the game when I arrived at court this morning to see if our legal system had been invaded by small digital monsters and low and behold there were several hanging out in the parking lot, one in the general sessions court room and I heard there was one in the circuit court room yesterday. The old theater across the street from my office is a restocking point and the local community college is a gym. I could see how the game could become addicting. A little walking and finger swipes and you are collecting these creatures that you can battle with.

It is a great concept and it does something that other cell phone games do not- it forces the player to be physically active. Businesses are even learning how to monetize the presence of randomly occurring Pokémon in their on places of business.

Gun rights and the Right to Carry in Tennessee

There are over 500,000 active handgun carry permits in the state of Tennessee. That means that about 1 in 13 people has a permit to carry a handgun. Whether you have yours, are thinking about getting yours, or just wonder if the guy at the next table might be breaking the law, there are rules in Tennessee regarding who can carry, how they can carry, and most importantly, WHERE they can carry. I will discuss Tennessee gun laws as they relate to carrying guns and clearing up some misconceptions about the carrying process.

To start I will focus on who can OWN a firearm in Tennessee, then who can CARRY those guns.

How to Avoid a Traffic ticket (Part 1)

You look in your rearview mirror and ... Oh, no ... the dreaded blue lights! Your mind races; were you speeding? Is your insurance current? Did they finally suspend your license from that back child support?

In America, traffic tickets are always a possibility on our roadways. Police officers are constantly searching for inventive ways to stop you and increase their "productivity" numbers by issuing a citation. What can you do to prevent receiving that piece of paper that takes your time and money?

The police need a reason to stop you. Follow these tips to help prevent giving them that reason and, ultimately, avoiding a ticket;

Alternatives to Traditional Probate

typing-vintage-technology-keyboard.jpg Hollywood likes to make movies about the rich uncle who dies and leaves millions to some unprepared relative. "Brewster's Millions," "Mr. Deeds," and many other films involve a complicated will, or lack thereof, in a person receiving lots of money and going through the trials and tribulations of managing it. However, in reality many people scrape to get by, don't want to invest, or just choose to live in the moment and not accumulate assets. Many people who live in large cities or work jobs that frequently relocate choose to rent apartments or houses so they never own what is called "real property" or land. These people may feel they do not need a will or that their beloved children would never fight over their meager assets. However, with memories come strong emotions, and with strong emotions come other strong emotions like entitlement and anger. Other families plan for the inevitable and distribute earthly assets before death or agree that they will be donated. Still others have their material assets eaten up with debts such that there may only be the home or keepsakes left. Tennessee law has contemplated these situations with alternatives to the lengthy and expensive probate or administration process.

Social Security Claims

While I know the Social Security process can be long and frustrating, please allow me the opportunity to help get you the benefits you deserve!

Negligent Acts CAN Lead to Criminal Consequences

Negligence occurs when a person acts in an irresponsible manner or fails to take the proper care that circumstances demand. Negligent actions that result in harm to another individual may result in severe criminal and civil penalties, as is the case with Teagan Ross Martin, a 21-year-old man who struck several cyclists with his vehicle while traveling through Arkansas - killing one person and injuring several others.

Why You Need Trusted Advisers and How to Choose Them

When you decide to form your own business, you dedicate all of your time and energy into ensuring that it is the best that it can be. A business is only as successful as the people who run it, and while you may think that you are capable of doing everything yourself, covering all aspects of your company successfully is a near impossibility when you try to do it on your own. This is why it is crucial to have a trusted adviser on your team. A trusted adviser is someone who has the same end goals in mind, and who can help you make the major decisions and achieve your business goals.

To learn more about how to choose the right trusted adviser for you, click the link to watch the video below.

What is Outsourced Legal Counsel, and How Does it Benefit You?

You may have heard of businesses outsourcing services, and you may also understand that when you are running your own business, it is important to have legal counsel waiting in the wings. However, what may be new to you is the idea of Outsourcing Legal Counsel.

Outsourced Legal Counsel is simply hiring an attorney who will act as an in-house attorney for your business, but who isn't a full time employee of your business. Outsourcing legal counsel is similar to outsourcing a web page manager, or a content writer, and it is a popular way for small businesses to operate under lower overhead.

To find out how outsourcing legal counsel can help you operate your business more effectively, click the link to watch the video below.