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August 2017 Archives

Help your teen deal with anger

You watched your child grow into a beautiful teenager. You remember the days when you could easily hold your kid in your arms. You remember your first day with your child. You’ve nurtured them and taught them to be a kind, independent individual. You love their sense of humor and they have always made you smile—even when they were really little. You also remember those terrible twos. You remember small tantrums and stomping feet.

Teach your family how to safely handle firearms

As a gun owner in Tennessee, you know that you may have the right to carry. You take great care when using your gun and know that gun ownership comes with an incredible responsibility. Tennessee was ranked 10th in the United States for highest rate of gun related deaths. The laws here are some of the least-restrictive in the United States.

Young adults and opioids

Opiate addiction has become big problem across the country. For young people in particular, being introduced to painkillers early on can lead to addiction and possible legal problems.

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