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September 2017 Archives

Tax considerations after a divorce

People in Tennessee who are getting a divorce should prepare for a change in how they file their taxes. People with children or other dependents may be able to file as head of household while others must file as single. This change occurs for the year that the annulment, separation or divorce is finalized in, even if it is the last day of the year. If a marriage has been annulled, it will be necessary to amend previous filings since the couple will be considered to have been unmarried.

Some occupations more likely to get divorced than others

Tennessee couples who are considering getting a divorce may be interested to learn that those in certain professions are more likely to end their marriage than those in others. In particular, those who are more likely to get a divorce are those whose jobs involve the nightlife or extensive traveling.

Negotiating house rules when there are two homes

Tennessee parents who are divorced will need to negotiate various aspects of child-rearing. One of the things parents will need to discuss and reach an agreement on are the house rules that will be in effect. For some parents, this seems like an impossibility, while others might change rules just to spite their ex. The problem, however, is that in cases where parents cannot come to an agreement, the ones who tend to suffer and be marked by this are the children.

Raising children with a toxic ex

Parents in Tennessee who are going through a divorce may need to know how to handle a toxic ex when raising the children. Toxic can mean a lot of things, but the following tips are for dealing with a person who has a negative attitude toward a former spouse and makes it hard to co-parent.

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