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Social Security Disability Benefits

What is the attorney's fee?

As with all the legal services we provide there is no attorney fee unless we win your case On Social Security Disability cases the fee is set by the government. The fee is 25% of back pay benefits with a cap of 56,000. Once your claim is approved there are no attorney's fees on your future benefits.

If I have applied and been denied can you still help me?

Yes. Often times we are able to get benefits for clients. Don't be discouraged While the process can be frustrating and overwhelming, we are here to help get you through it.

If I am currently employed, can I apply before I actually quit working?

In pursuing a disability case, you are telling the government you are unable to work. So, it would be premature to apply if you are still working

What is the difference between SSD and SSI?

While you have to prove you are unable to work to qualify for either SSD or SSI, the benefits are SSD benefits are different. SSD benefits are based on how much you have paid to the government for Social Security.  SSI benefits are usually less and are also based on income that could be available to you like pensions or retirement accounts. Unfortunately many disabled Americans go without being paid the benefits they've worked for due to the abundance of "red tape." Let us help you get the benefits you've worked for and deserve.

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