Tips for Reducing the Negative Impact on Your Child During a Divorce

Talking To Your Kids About Divorce

It’s difficult enough when only you and your spouse have to work through the legal and emotional aspects of a divorce. However, if you have children, things become even more complicated. Of course, you’ll want to help your children handle the divorce as painlessly as possible — and doing so requires some proactive actions.

Sit Them Down Early

As soon as you and your spouse decide you’re going to file for divorce, sit your children down and inform them of what’s happening. Especially if you’re citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for your divorce, your child may already have an idea of the issues you and your spouse have, so they can understand what’s happening.

Assure Them They are Not to Blame

A lot of children can assume that the reason why their parents are splitting up has something to do with them. Assure your child that the divorce is not their fault and nothing they did or didn’t do would make a difference.

Avoid Making Them Pick Sides

Especially if you and your spouse feel a sense of animosity towards each other, it can be tempting to have your child take “your side” and adopt your feelings towards your ex, but that’s not a wise call. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, your ex will always be their parent, and it can create even more stress to force your child to pick a side.

Try to Maintain Normalcy

Even if you and your spouse are separated during the divorce process or after terms are finalized, do your best to maintain a sense of normalcy in your child’s life. Keep up with extracurriculars, playdates with friends, and other activities that they would have on their schedule before the divorce.

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