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Summer DUIs: What You Need To Know

Things are beginning to go back to normal and everyone is looking forward to a fun summer. During the summer months, drinking tends to go up, and so do DUI arrests.

Take a few minutes to read through our comprehensive guide to summer DUIs.

When is the most dangerous time on the road?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the month of August is when most car accidents occur.

Weekends are the most common days of the week for car accidents, especially holiday weekends. This is because most holiday weekends involve social drinking and travel.
Summer holidays with the highest rates of alcohol-related accidents include:

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • 4th of July Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend

There are also certain times of the day when accidents peak. In the summer months, most non-fatal accidents occur between 12 pm and 3 pm. Fatal accidents are more likely between 8 pm and midnight.

Additional Statistics

Here are some additional interesting facts about DUIs and alcohol in the summer:

  • There were 10,142 drunk-driving fatalities in 2019.
  • July is the most popular time of year for teens to try alcohol for the first time.
  • Summer events such as weddings and music concerts lead to an increase in drinking.

Tips to avoid DUI arrest this summer

The best way to avoid being arrested for driving under the influence is by only driving when you’re sober. Take steps to plan ahead so that you don’t feel pressure to get behind the wheel before you’re ready.

Host the party at your place

While this will require a little extra set-up and clean-up, it will remove all of your concerns about how you will safely get home at the end of the day. You’ll be just a few steps away from your bed!

Assign a designated driver

See if one of your friends will volunteer to be the designated driver for the group. However, it is important to make sure that whoever agrees to stay sober will follow through with the plan throughout the day.

Make sleeping arrangements

If you are attending a party at a friend or family member’s house, see if you can stay the night. That way you can pack a bag ahead of time with everything you’ll need, and won’t feel any pressure to get home after drinking.

Use a taxi, Uber, or Lyft

If none of the above plans work and you find yourself needing to get home -- use a rideshare app!
The cost of a taxi or Uber is nothing compared to the cost of a potential DUI.

Understand your body

This BAC calculator can be a great tool for estimating your blood alcohol content. It is important to note, though, that this is not perfectly accurate because everyone’s body processes alcohol differently. Still, this can give you an idea of your current state of intoxication.

Know Your Rights

If you are pulled over for suspected DUI, it is important to know what rights you have when interacting with the police.

If asked to take a chemical test, a breath or blood test, our advice is NOT to take any tests. Though this may affect your license due to implied consent laws, you do not have to take these tests.

If you are asked to take a field sobriety test, you are not required to do so and can refuse for any reason.

Safe Driving Tips

If you’re the sober driver this summer, make sure you are also taking precautions on the road. Just because you are making the safe choice doesn’t mean that every other driver is.
Be sure to:

  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Stay focused on the road
  • Pay attention to the cars around you
  • Don’t look at your phone while driving
  • Follow speed limits

West Tennessee DUI Attorneys

If you are arrested for driving under the influence this summer, give Huffman Mason, PLLC a call at (901) 295-0100. Even a first-offense DUI can result in jail time, fines, and license suspension. Once we discuss the specifics of your case, we can move forward with the best course of action for your defense.