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Welcome to Huffman Mason, PLLC, your trusted legal advocates in Covington, Tennessee. If your child is facing charges related to underage DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in Tennessee, our experienced legal team is here to provide you with unwavering support, guidance, and a relentless commitment to protecting your rights and future.

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Understanding Underage DUI in Tennessee

In Tennessee, underage DUI refers to the offense committed by individuals under the age of 21 who operate a motor vehicle with any detectable amount of alcohol in their system. This means that even a small amount of alcohol can lead to serious consequences for underage drivers. The legal limit for adults (21 and older) in Tennessee is a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%, but for individuals under 21, the threshold is significantly lower at 0.02%.

The Impact of an Underage DUI Conviction

An underage DUI conviction can have far-reaching consequences for a young person's future. These consequences may include:

  • Criminal Record: A DUI conviction can result in a permanent criminal record that can affect college admissions, job opportunities, and housing applications.
  • Driver's License Suspension: A first-time offense can lead to a one-year driver's license suspension, making it challenging to commute to school or work.
  • Increased Insurance Rates: Insurance premiums often skyrocket after a DUI conviction, placing a financial burden on the individual and their family.
  • Educational and Career Opportunities: Many educational institutions and employers may hesitate to accept applicants with a DUI conviction on their record.

Defenses Against Underage DUI Charges in Tennessee

When facing underage DUI charges in Tennessee, there are several potential defenses that a skilled attorney may employ to challenge the prosecution's case and protect the defendant's rights. Here are some common defenses:

  1. Lack of Probable Cause: Lawyers may argue that the defendant's vehicle was stopped without probable cause, which would invalidate the evidence.

  2. Invalid Field Sobriety Tests: The defense may challenge the validity of field sobriety tests administered to the underage driver, citing factors such as environmental conditions, physical impairments, or improper administration of the tests.

  3. Inaccurate Breathalyzer Results: The defense may question the accuracy of breathalyzer results, alleging calibration errors, improper maintenance of equipment, or other factors that could affect the reliability of the test.

  4. Violation of Miranda Rights: Defendants' statements could be ruled inadmissible in court if they were not informed of their Miranda rights during arrest.

  5. Rising Blood Alcohol Content (BAC): The defense may argue that the defendant's BAC was below the legal limit at the time of driving but rose to illegal levels by the time they were tested, due to factors such as the absorption rate of alcohol.

By utilizing these and other potential defenses, our experienced Covington underage DUI attorney will work to weaken the prosecution's case and achieve a favorable outcome for the defendant.

How an Underage DUI Attorney Can Help

Navigating the legal system can be daunting, especially for young individuals facing an underage DUI charge. At Huffman Mason, PLLC, our experienced underage DUI attorneys can provide essential assistance, including:

  • Legal Expertise: Our attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of Tennessee's DUI laws and can create a strong defense strategy tailored to your case.
  • Negotiation Skills: We will negotiate with prosecutors to seek reduced charges or alternative sentencing options, where applicable.
  • License Restoration: We can help minimize the impact on your driving privileges, potentially reducing the duration of your license suspension.
  • Protection of Rights: We are committed to upholding your constitutional rights throughout the legal process, ensuring fair treatment and due process.
  • Support and Guidance: Our compassionate team will provide emotional support to both the accused and their parents during this challenging time.

Why Choose Huffman Mason, PLLC

Selecting the right attorney is crucial when facing an underage DUI charge. Here's why parents should choose Huffman Mason, PLLC:

  1. Proven Track Record: Our attorneys have a successful track record of achieving favorable outcomes for clients facing DUI charges.
  2. Local Knowledge: We are deeply familiar with the local Covington, TN legal landscape, judges, and prosecutors, allowing us to develop effective defense strategies.
  3. Compassion and Commitment: We understand the unique challenges faced by young individuals and their families and are dedicated to providing compassionate and unwavering support.
  4. Customized Legal Solutions: We approach each case with an individualized strategy, tailoring our legal solutions to the specific circumstances and needs of our clients.

When your child's future is at stake, trust Huffman Mason, PLLC to provide the exceptional legal representation and guidance needed to protect their rights and secure the best possible outcome. Your child's future matters, and we are here to fight for it.

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